“Floral Couches is the sexy solo moniker of Chicago musician and songwriter Cody Gray. After creating lofi fever dream sounds with synthesizers on his last album, Electric Fever, Cody returns more than a year later with the R&B and Jazz influenced pop EP, ‘glitter’. It sounds exactly as the name implies with twinkling percussion, smooth instrumentation, and a late-night aesthetic. A much more organic feel than Cody’s past works, ‘glitter’ brings you into a world all it’s own that you won’t want to leave.”


Hello my beautiful babies, my name is Co, and I really appreciate your listening ears. During my college years I was performing with my best friend in Young Adult. When that time came to an end I had to find my own sound and Floral Couches was born. All songs are written, performed, and recorded by myself in my Chicago apartment. You can occasionally hear my bird chirping or my dog’s nails on the wood floor in my music but I just think it makes the recordings extra special.

Floral Couches will serve as my autobiography and grow with me. Thanks for taking a peak into my life and I hope to see you around.